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Monday, August 21, 2006

Bibliology: What is the Bible? The Supernatural Origin of the Bible

The Supernatural Origin of the Bible

"This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: 'Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you…” Jer. 30:2 (NIV)

The Bible must have been written by our Creator, for no body but the Lord who created men could know so much about them. This volume reveals the secrets of all hearts. It unveils our privet thoughts. (Spurgeon at His Best, p.24)

This post will bring us to our conclusion of "What is the Bible?" I wish to attest to the supernatural origin of the Bible so that we may apply with confidence its sacred contents to our lives.

The Bible is the Book of God (as noted above in Jeremiah 30:2) it demonstrates that it is of a supernatural origin first of all by virtue of being Theo-centric, meaning it centers on God. Not only is it Theo-centric the God of the Bible is unique in that He is Mono-Theistic and the Mono-Theistic God of the Bible is unique in that He is the Tri-Une God or the Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Secondly the Bible shows itself to be supernatural in its origin by its clear presentation of sin and a cure that really works. We noted earlier when we discussed the subject matter of the Bible, that no other so called “Holy Book” can make this claim.

The Bible also displays its supernatural origin in the areas of ethics and morals. “Why?” Because the Bible is comprehensive, that means it touches all areas of conduct not just a few areas and it judges the motives not just the externals. The Bible is the only Holy Book that does this.

The continuity of the Bible too, supports the idea of its supernatural origin, given the facts of many authors, literary forms, time, and places written; the Bible demonstrates remarkable continuity unlike any other "Holy Book". All other "Holy Books" were written primarily by one person so one would expect continuity. Examples are the Koran written by Mohammed, and the Book of Mormon written by Joseph Smith. Even these are full of holes! Yes, I have read them!

Concerning prophecy and fulfillment; the Bible does this in precision detail! We will cover much of these in Eschatology (study of the end times). Prophecy and fulfillment also solidify that the Scriptures have a supernatural origin. Closely related to prophecy are types and anti-types the Bible alone repeats themes all the way through using types and anti-types.

We brought out in the last post the wonder of the (eight) literary forms, the Bible as strictly literature is paramount. No other work has stood up to the scrutiny that the Bible has. One never hears about the discrepancies of Shakespeare, Dickens, or Jane Austen. And for some reason men don't really care if they stand as condemned criminals before Homer (ascribed writer of the Odyssey).

The Bible is also unprejudiced; what is meant by unprejudiced is that there are no perfect heroes in the Bible and imperfect villains. The Bible makes clear the shortcomings, failures and sins of the heroes (e.g. Noah, and David, and Elijah) and even portrays the virtues of the villains. No other "Holy Book" does this like the Bible. In the Koran the villains are villains and the heroes can do no wrong.

When it comes to the area of science many Bible teachers compromise with the theories of evolution and claim that evolution is not compatible with the Bible. They are right the theory of evolution is not compatible with the Bible! Although the Bible is not a scientific book it never has to be revised because of science. On the other hand with the discovery of new evidence "science" so called has had to be revised to conform to the Bible time after time after time. The award winning Answers in Genesis website is the best place to explore science from a biblical perspective give it a try.

Finally there is the enduring freshness of the Bible. The Bible can be read and reread over and over again and still one can discover from its pages something new and lasting that will bring one to a better understanding of God and deepen ones relationship with God each and every time! Try that with Tolkien... it won’t happen. This too makes it obvious that the Bible has a supernatural origin, and that origin is God Himself.

To answer our first question “What is the Bible?” We have examined the terminology, touched on the six primary attitudes toward the Bible, looked at the four wonders of the Bible, and sited its supernatural origin. If you have made it this far you have done well. The answer to our first question is that the Bible is the exclusive Book of God. There is no other book like anywhere! To conclude this segment of Bibliology I will quote Dr. Lewis Sperry Schaffer, founder of Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Schaffer has said, "The Bible is not a book men could write if he would, or would write if he could."


Doctrinal statement concerning the Bible

Scripture is God's revelation to man in the 66 books of the Bible, 39 in the OT and 27 in the NT with no additional works, and no amendments to their contents (nothing added, and nothing taken away, see Rev. 22:18-19). The Bible in it's original autographs was plenary and verbally inspired by God, and coauthored by God Himself and Spirit-controlled men, it is therefore infallible (i.e. Inerrant) in every matter of which it speaks. The Bible was written by God, and cannot be destroyed, it is therefore eternal. The Bible is the true center of Christian unity and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creed, and opinions shall be tried (2 Tim. 3:16-17; 2 Pet.1:19-21; Is. 40:8; 1 Pet. 1:24-25).

Next question: How Did We Get the Bible?


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