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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Jesus is alive! Death could not hold Him. The grave has not confined Him. He is raised, and is alive! Because He lives I will live. Because He lives you may live. Precious ones in Christ, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Doubt should not overtake you. There are doubts enough in life, but we may put on the helmet of salvation and walk in the knowledge of eternal life with confidence.

Keeping on,
Brother John

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Mailman

I am off to sort and deliver the mail. I hope I will take advantage of every opportunity to present Christ to a fallen world.

Stay salty,
Brother John

Monday, May 28, 2007


To honor our fallen on this Memorial Day is fitting. To give our respect to those who have served and are serving our military, the U.S. Armed Forces, and the brave public servants who keep our streets safe and homes secure the Police, and Firefighters, is most appropriate. The brave men and women who serve and protect our interests, our freedom, and our way of life, sometimes to the sad point of the ultimate sacrifice are the true defenders of the liberty we have in the USA.

The Earnest Contender joins with you today to honor our heroes.

May God bless America!
J. Wendell

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dispensationalism: Help or Hindrance?

I would love to do a post based on personal experience of the doubt, and apostasy that I was brought up into in a non-dispensational church. I am sure I could fill a page or two packed with emotionally charged rhetoric of the dangers and follies of the ecumenical movement and the utter disrespect and disregard she has for the Bible. The Bible is the one Book I have come to love and defend as the only rule and authority for my life. A Book I recognize, as it is, the Word of God. This is due by and large to a system of thought that has helped me make sense of the Word of God as a whole. This system is known as Dispensationalism. Irrespective of the way the ecumenical movement has disputed and despised precious doctrines that are central to biblical Christianity, and since I am not set (in this post) to warn against the creeping crud of liberalism… I refrain. Instead my focus will be on Dispensationalism: Help or Hindrance?

In many ways my allegiance is to this system of thought is due to its adherence of the foundational teaching of the Scriptures: A high view of the Bible, the deity of Christ, His saving death, His bodily resurrection, and His second coming. Many of you have heard all of this before. Perhaps some have gotten bored of hearing the same tired tomes; the dusty doctrines have become dormant. The accolades of the ancients lull you asleep. So off you go into the wonderful world of modern exploration. “Did God really say…?”, the dull of hearing may ask. Being dry and dreary in our faith is directly related to a lack of doing. What good is a hearer of the Word who is unwilling to do the work of the Word?

It was through dispensational teaching and teachers that I came to know Jesus Christ my Lord in a personal, intimate relationship. The Bible was opened up to me in a manner which I have never considered. Of course I was not born again; I was still dead in sin. Now I am alive in Christ, instead of a book to decorate my shelf it is my link to hear the very voice of the Creator. Here are other considerations of dispensational thought that have been a great help to me and I am sure to countless others.

One is the Doxological approach to Scripture: finding God’s glory in every text.

The next is the consistent hermeneutic (interpretation), the plain and normal interpretation to discover the intent or meaning, “It means what it says…” One does not need to be a Greek scholar to read the Bible with some level of intelligence. Read it plainly without imagining hidden codes and meanings, there is enough there to satisfy any truth thirsty soul. The Protestant reformer and scholar William Tyndale (1494-1536) declared, “I defy the Pope, and all his laws; and if God spares my life, I will cause the boy that drives the plow in England to know more of the Scriptures than the Pope himself!” The Scriptures are now before our eyes in our own language we may read them and grow in the Lord.

Thirdly, and once again, insofar as salvation, (in the dispensational system I have come to love) there has always been and always will be one way to be saved from our sin, from the Scriptures alone by grace alone through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone. Authentic Dispensationalism is a great help and hinders none of the great fundamental themes of the Bible. One need not be bashful about being in this helpful assembly of faithful Bible proclaimers.

In His fellowship,
Brother John

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Leave No Trace

The famous Boy Scout motto “Leave no trace” means that at each and every (BSA) event, the Boy Scouts are committed not to leave any trace of evidence behind of their presence. They keep their area that clean. More often than not parks across this land have had the benefit of having the BSA come and leave the park cleaner than when they arrived.

I was thinking of this motto when a question was raised in my mind. As believers are we committed to “leave no trace” when it comes to sin? I understand that those of us in Christ are viewed by God as He views His own Son. Theologians call this positional sanctification. One day everyone who has trusted in Jesus for eternal life will be affirmed in His holiness. This is known as perfect sanctification. How about right now? What about the way we work out our own sanctification? This could be called progressive sanctification. What are some practical steps we can take to “leave no trace”? Here are some pointed questions I have asked myself, and in God’s strength am becoming sanctified in them. You can too.

When I drive, am I more careful today than in the past to obey the law of the land, and am I more courteous toward other drivers?

While on the internet, am I more careful today than in the past of the sites I choose view?

While in the parks, and public places am I more careful not to liter?

What about at home, in church, with friends, at work?

I am not asking these things to become a better Scout. My desire is to become a better representative of Christ.

Stay salty,
Brother John

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Bloodless Bible? by James May

In his newsletter, Flashpoint of March, 1998, Texe Marrs has reproduced an article by Perry Rockwood entitled, “The NIV is Not God’s Word.” In the article, Mr. Rockwood states that “the NIV leaves out ‘through his blood’ in Colossians 1:14.” He then asks the rhetorical question, “Do we want a Bible without blood?”. The question implies that the New International Version deletes the blood of Christ from the New Testament. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is most unfortunate to see Christian leaders slanderously attack a conservative modern translation of the Bible using such misleading tactics.

Read the rest of this short article click here to find out why the KJV added one more verse about the blood than the NIV. The website The King James Only Resource Center has earned a link on my Ministry Links because of its loyalty and commitment to the doctrine of verbal plenary inspiration. You can read how I feel about this doctrine by clicking here and here.

I do wish Fundamentalists would stop bickering over favorite versions and be united in proclaiming that the Bible alone is our authority.

BTW I have a New site here!

Stay salty,
Brother John

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism

I am currently reading (among other books) Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism a book by Douglas R. McLachlan, the current pastor of Fourth Baptist Church. I am providing some quotes from chapter three (3) Rediscovering Authentic Evangelism. I think these are excellent thoughts.

“Excessive Calvinism almost always ends in dead fatalism”. It is pointed out that this is a result of an unbalanced view of divine sovereignty and I agree. “Among other things, this constitutes a failure to see that [the] sovereign God is free to ordain not only the end but means. And the means is urgent Christian witness by all the members of the body of Christ.” (Thoughts from p.63)

"If excessive Calvinism terminates in a dead fatalism, then excessive Arminianism terminates in a destructive fanaticism. People grow frantic and humanistic. The result in such contexts is the generating of a great deal of heat and very little light. If it is all left in human hands, then whatever works becomes permissible."
(Thoughts from p.64)

The authentic Christian witness is marked by "...a quiet confidence because he recognizes [the] divine sovereignty in which God is at work. And he is marked by an energetic activity because he acknowledges a human responsibility in which man is obedient to the divine command to be at work.” (Thoughts from p.64)

I do wish Fundamentalists would invest more time evangelizing then debating evangelism.

In His fellowship,
Brother John

BTW please read my current post at The Earnest Contender's Theology Page, thanks.


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